About Molly

Molly B. Pascal is a fair weather sailor with a love for everything nautical. She finds much of her inspiration along the New England coast and gives special nods to some of her favorite places like Cape Cod and Nantucket. Molly launched a beautiful collection of works because she simply wanted quality artwork for her son’s toddler room and baby’s nursery.

During Molly’s maternity leave during 2020, she started sketching out her son’s name in nautical themed letters and quickly realized she should make an alphabet to use as a template, because she could also make some for his baby brother, cousins, and friends. As many can relate, her nursery walls and toddler room were still blank. 

As an artist and teacher, (proud middle school art educator since 2011), and having specialized in watercolors since 2013, Molly has accumulated a vast amount of visual references. She is addicted to the playfulness and brain-teasing challenges that come with thinking about how images and letters connect. She makes sure to have many of her letters actually represent something beginning with that particular letter. For example, The Skipper Alphabet boasts A for Adirondack Chair, B for Bowline...D for Dinghy (Optimist), and so on. We're sure that you'll find her work as fun as it is wall-worthy. MOLLYGRAMS is a happy intersection of three main facets of Molly’s identity: mom, teacher, and artist, during what is a very fun and hectic time of life.

Her uniquely customizable watercolor art company, MOLLYGRAMS, founded in Boston, MA, provides fun and sophisticated watercolor alphabets that will grow with your kids so you can forever preserve the special interests and places of your family’s memories.

Everything has been thoughtfully put together, from the watercolor artwork, to the high quality prints on 100% cotton rag, from a small local print shop in Concord, MA, to the hand-built frames by real live artisans. MOLLYGRAMS sources all materials, including the hardware on the frames, from the U.S., which increases its environmental responsibility.